In 2009, it is an innovative research company with an independent operation mode and located in Australia as a game creation base. She set up headquarter and “Innovative Circle” creative center in the West Bank city of Perth and the marketing strategy of the East Coast Sydney city center.

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We Make Games
Come to Life

We set up a large design center in Australia for a few large design centers in Australia, and set up a “Innovative Circle” design base in Perth, Western Australia in early 2009, specializing in animation, game graphics and motion design, and established large-scale motion capture Studio for related development.

New Generation Technology

Based on the past development of logistics platform development, the company has fully invested in the development of technologies related to network transactions, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality experience and network marketing.

Relocated from Seoul, South Korea to Taichung ’s Asia-Pacific Technology R & D Center in early 2020 to focus on developing the latest technologies related to AR VR and one of the pioneers of future technology blueprints.

Modern Integrated Event

The multi-purpose event center in Perth provides a variety of venues and catering services for the public.

Large-scale digital lossless
format music recording studio

We have moved to the large personal recording studio “Vinman Music Co., Ltd.” located in Tokyo, Japan in early 2018, and set up professional recording studios, music training centers, etc., and established support groups in Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Vinman Music Group is co-operating with Vinas Studio.