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Davin Desktop Studio

An information bulletin board placed on the activities of colleges and societies, and it turns into society information website created by Microsoft Frontpage in 1997.



A large-scale information website that provides animation information and mobile phone MIDI ringtone audition, it also provides a large-scale animation forum until 2003.


HeartWind Studio

Personal design studio, providing image/media design services, in addition to inheriting from AnimeStation and continuing to provide animation information.


Design One (HK)

HeartWind Studio changed its name to DesignOne after it merged with RedSky Ltd. in 2003. It mainly provides image/media design services, and started online service development including forum plug-ins, image editing engines etc..

HeartWind Studio has been renamed DesignOne since it merged with RedSky Ltd. in 2003. It mainly provides image/media design services and began to develop online services including forum plug-ins, image editing engines, etc.


Vinas Studio / XTC Group

Start beginning

In early 1995, it was established in Australia by the then-parent company CreativeCore INC (CCINC) under the name of a design activity group, mainly to provide professional art design and marketing advice. CCINC changed its name to the current ConceptCORE Corporation (CCC) in 2014, and Vinas Studio also smoothly transitioned to the new system.

Company background - Vinas Studio / XTC Group

At the beginning of 1995, it only belonged to the design studio of CCINC. Until the beginning of 2000, it gradually expanded into one of Australia’s top design companies with more than 50 employees. In addition to providing services related to design and commercial promotion, it also created three major projects in Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It is an online B2B sales platform composed of three places and provides related logistics services in the three places.

In addition, the company’s music group was formed in 2001 with the music group HeartWind Music and changed its name to Vinman Music, and the activity base and recording studio were located in Tokyo, Japan.

Since 2008, the company has gradually begun to explore a new industry that is about to become an innovative technology-e-sports from the traditional online marketing business; and began to learn from years of experience in network technology, and in 2009, the parent company provided a one-off independent After starting the capital, it officially transformed and began to research and develop e-sports-related technologies and equipment. In the same year, the sub-technology R&D center XTC Group was established in South Korea to actively develop or improve related technical structures for the industry, and then set up the South Pacific in Australia One of the best large-scale "motion capture" studios, and then the technology research and development center has moved to the Taichung Science Park at the end of 2019, and at the end of 2019, several live broadcasters set up personal studios in Hong Kong for game-related design and live broadcast services.

At the end of 2020, the original core businesses such as game design, e-sports technology research and development, and "motion capture" studios were officially separated from the company's structure and officially separated from the XTC Group, and the business scale was concentrated in Hong Kong to provide high-quality live broadcasts and games related Business studios and provide logistical technical support for Japanese orchestra studios.

We is still one of the core company members of ConceptCORE Group.