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XTC Group Announcement

After two months of recombination of the entire structure, the following is the first group announcement issued by XTC Group (hereinafter referred to as the Group).

Hello everyone,

The Group is a new group born after the business reorganization of the old operating company Vinas Studio and its scientific research institution XTC Group. It is still one of the core members of ConceptCORE; it is mainly responsible for operating all services outside Hong Kong and Japan, including the following :

  • The game design “Innovation Center”, “Motion Capture” studio, and the catering service “PerMel” located in the Perth area of ​​the west coast of Australia;
  • Marketing planning department located in the Sydney area on the east coast of Australia;
  • Innovative Research Centre located in Taichung Science Park.

The CEO of the Group will continue to be the former CEO of Vinas Studio Australia Headquarters – Marine Chen, the Chief Operating Officer will continue to be the former Chief Executive Officer of the Taiwan Division – Li Yansheng, and the Chief Technology Officer will continue to be the former Chief Technology Officer of the Taiwan Division – Mok Siu Yee.

The same as the previous corporate policy under the existing structure, the Group will continue to expand the company’s business while looking for all unknown development possibilities. After the reorganization, Vinas Studio will separate from the above-mentioned businesses and focus on Hong Kong’s live studios and live-streaming service, and Japanese music-related business.

In addition, the Group will optimize the company’s policies and notify the employees of the changes related to the policies individually.

Based on the unknown factors of the world atmosphere, it is hoped that all employees can continue to stick to their posts to meet the various challenges in the future.

CEO, XTC Group
Marine Chen

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